O876 Raycaster

A Raycasting Framework for building HTML 5 Games

Making old school games with raycasting.

You are currently reading something about my Raycasting engine : A game engine that can build 3Dish games like the ones that were out during the early 1990's. Titles like Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and others come to mind.

What is Raycasting ?

Raycasting is a 3D rendering method using simple computations. It renders 3D environments but with lots of limitation to ensure the highest frame rate.

This technology was mainly used in older 90's games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Games built around this rendering method are easily designed because they are essentially build out of a 2D map.

Main features

  • The engine is 100% javascript
  • Supported by any serious HTML 5 Browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium.
  • Fair performances : games will run at around 25 fps on older architectures like Intel Core2 Duo.
  • Full screen, Pointer lock, and Audio support (mp3 and ogg).
  • An HTML 5 Level Editor is available online - Designing levels is now easy.
How raycasting works.

What does it look like ?

Reikaster underland (ambush in forest)
Reikaster underland (underwater)
The mansion
The mansion (interior)


The Engine use the very same technics used by old 90's first person shooter games. The most popular in this genre was Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D by Id Sofware